This is my (my being me, Grunion Guy) web page to present to the most important, popular, esteamed and good looking PUBLISHERS that are looking for the greatest American stories, epics and novels. I especially want to be published in Playboy, so keep that in mind Mr. Playboy Story Editor Guy. All stories within this site are FOR SALE plus I can write new ones to fit some other format like a story about a hot chick who is in a relationship with a bad man and she has to outwit him while being really hot but she wins with feminystical ideals at the end for some chick rag. Or I can write a story about a funny thing that happened if I had been in the military for Reader's Digest. Or anything at all, really! So take a look at my especially exciting stories and let me know if you want to BUY ONE FOR PUBLICATION! Thanks, you fantastic publishers you!

Krazy Kat Killers

Sam Samson, Detective

Playing The Game

A Really Scary Story

The Romantic Voyage At Sea

Shoot Out In The Old West

The Spying Spy

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