THINK YOU KNOW what constitutes a good ad? Maybe you do, perhaps you don't.

Go to and check out the sample ads in the right-hand column.

Refresh or reload the page to see a fresh selection of ads.

Which ads have decent headlines but bad descriptions? Vice versa?

Which ads do you instantly dismiss because of grammar or spelling?

Which ads do you find yourself clicking?

Be aware that you are now studying ads, and that your reaction to them will be different than if you found them randomly on some page.

Have fun, gain some insight (it's really not complicated -- more like common sense), then get your ad up!

Why use Adfarm
to advertise?

1. It's Cheap
Get 4,000 impressions for $10, and 1000 impressions per $2.50 after that. Purchase the amount you need -- it's up to you.

2. It's Easy
Just fill in a short online form that asks for a name, user name, email address, website URL and password.

3. Track Performance
See which ads are performing well on which sites -- best of all, it's a real-time update, providing information up to the time you checked your ad's stats.

4. Change Presence
If your ad isn't doing well on one site, simply go into your account and choose another site -- it's an easy and nearly instant process.

5. Modify Ad
You can change the headline, body text and even the URL of your ad if and when you want to during the life of the ad.

6. You Get Us!
Adfarm is the only way to advertise on NA!P right now (unless you send us fat cash, at which point Jeff will totally prostitute himself).

Check that -- at some point in the far future, we will be offering different ways of advertising. But at this point in time, we're trying to maximize results with Adfarm ads. We're working to make your ad a success!

Once your ad is alive and flickering across a thousand computer screens, you'll want to know what's going on with it.

Adfarm provides stats, which are great -- they give you numbers in real time. Here's an example of how we've used them:

We placed an ad for our new comic, Dwarf Lover: The Comic, on two online webcomics -- Diesel Sweeties and Life of Wily. Within half a day, we removed our ad from Life of Willy.

Why? Because out of 299 impression, Willy gave us one click-thru, whereas Sweeties gave us two click-thrus after just 33 impressions.

You may think we're jumpy -- but because we've tracked past results with both sites before, we know that Willy has never worked for us. (Who knows? Willy may work for you -- but if it doesn't, you can fix the problem.)

Track your ads, and adjust your presence on different sites to get maximum results. It's simple, easy and you'll better your chances at getting the clicks you want.

Here we are, at the end of Advertising 101. If you have a specific question in mind, or have a concern, or feel we haven't addressed something important, please let us know.

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