This photo captures the moment before Brent Johnson suddenly and inexplicably started referring to himself as Mesahib Deka, Fifteenth Astral Projection of the All-Seeing Name That Shall Not Be Known. He also began referring to his friends as 'Puppets of meat' and spending hours upon hours in the fish section of mall pet stores. His writing decayed into long-winded, morose musings on the blind ignorance of all mankind and their inability to part the veil of illusion behind which the All-Seeing Name That Shall Not Be Known hid his glory. No Apologies! Press threatened to fire him if he didn't start producing humorous material. To maintain an outlet in which his message could be spread, Mesahib Deka began punching up his transcendental manifesto with what he (and very few others) considered 'jokes'. The following is a typical example of his humor writing for No Apologies!

On the mandated, yet entirely arbitrary, day of the circumnavigation of the great eye, when the Puppets of meat in the country of aMerica gather in public secrecy to celebrate their facade of choosing, the All-Seeing Name That Shall Not Be Known recalls his Astral Projections back behind the veil. It is then that I communicate to the other Astral Projections that I just transcended from the Corporeal world and boy is my Silver Cord tired. Meanwhile, the Puppet of meat that I usually inhabit known once as Brent Johnson is bound once again to express his nonfunctioning, overly liberal whims on a small, dotted piece of paper (which holds no opinions in and of itself) in the hopes that a specific liberal Puppet of meat will be selected to ignore Puppet of meat Brent Johnson's whims in order to fill its own pockets and mind with Corporate Cash and Corporate Ideas, respectively.

Mesahib Deka continues to write more of the same for No Apologies! while the editors continue to pretend to publish them. Although, Mesahib Deka does do a fine job with the layout of Future Retard.

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