Giving Free Shit as Gifts...

It's come to my attention that, while America's Army is free, a collection of ones and zeroes on the Internet is a shitty present, especially when you hand someone a URL for Christmas. Here are some tips to making a free download for you become a treasured gift for someone else.

First, you'll need a blank CD-R and a CD-R/RW Drive -- if you don't have these handy, your free gift to someone just got kind of expensive. You'll also need a fast Internet connection -- with less than two weeks of shopping days left, you'd be lucky to download this game on a 56k modem in time to be late for Christmas. Some colored markers would be nice, too.

Go to the America's Army download page. Download the three files I list here:

  • ArmyOps140.part01.exe (100 MB)
  • ArmyOps140.part02.rar (100 MB)
  • ArmyOps140.part03.rar (46 MB)

You need all three.

Once you have all three files, decompress them into a single folder, call it Army Install, or some shit like that. I'm not going to give you a tutorial on decompressing archives.

Burn the folder that you created, along with its contents, onto the CD. When it's done, draw some funky wreaths and shit on the label-side of the CD-R. Go crazy. You've got a fucking gift!

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