Adventure #32:
"Single White Hugo"

Hugo was watching a movie on cable with us one 
night, and the movie started to get pretty steamy.  
We're not sure exactly what Hugo was paying attention to because clearly he was not paying 
attention to what was going on in the movie. 
The movie heated up to the point where the 
actress on screen started giving this guy a blow 
job. Out of nowhere, Hugo declares proudly; 
"I know how to do that!" Stunned, we all turn 
around from the TV to face Hugo. Hugo, seeing 
what is now on the screen, panics and begins 
to deny this recent claim and explain himself. 
We, of course, don't listen and leave it at that.

Written material is 2004 and onwards by Ken Hughes
All artwork is 2004 and onwards by zer0 (Peter Branting)
All Hugo material supplied by John, Dave, and Ken