Adventure #68:
"Pizza Drama!"

Pizza was our staple diet in college. One time,
Hugo ordered a pizza for delivery. When the guy
delivered the pizza, Hugo accidentally tipped the
guy $20! He realized this a few minutes later and
became very angry--not at himself for his stupid
mistake, but at the pizza guy for accepting a $20
tip. Hugo frantically called Pizza Hut to get the
delivery guy to return with his $20. Not only did
Hugo expect the guy to come back and return
the tip Hugo gave him, but Hugo told us that he
expected the pizza guy to "get on his knees" when
he returned. No one understood what he meant
by this, but we assumed the worst.


Written material is 2004 and onwards by Ken Hughes
All artwork is 2004 and onwards by zer0 (Peter Branting)
All Hugo material supplied by John, Dave, and Ken