Our readers are so intelligent that they always manage to plug their own web-sites. We're so proud of them.



Just wanted to e-mail you and let you know that I laughed my ass off reading "Future Retard".  It's EXACTLY my type of humor.  I can't wait till you kill that fucker ... stupid retard ...

Anyway, I have a webpage of my own (http://www.eobsucks.com) for my still-to-be-released comic book and would like to put up a link for your site.  But I'd like to know if you have a banner before I do so. 

Well keep up Future Retard, you can ad me to your list of fans.  I love crude humor.  Have you ever read "Deep Fried" (http://www.whatisdeepfried.com)?  That's some sweet shit too.



You can't wait until we kill Future Retard? Why, so you can just sit around reading all of the old adventures? If that's what you're waiting around for, I can assure you that you will be waiting for many, many, many years. Even if we killed the 'tard off in ten more episodes, you'd probably still be waiting many, many, many years. But all you Future Retard fans, rest easy. A whole ream of new scripts have been whipped up and sent to the manufacturer. As we speak, zillions and zillions of Future Retard comics are pouring off the presses. The new year will be a veritable retard frenzy.

Unless it won't be. Don't listen to me.


if you need a weekly comic to force on your readers....http://fivecomix.keenspace.com
your site kicks ass, and though i tend to abhor unsolicited e-mails, i couldn't help by share this with you.
the dungeons and dragons cartoon was hillarious!



Hey! Thanks, e. Our site kicks ass. Hear that? It quote Kicks Ass unquote. And since our site 'KICKS ASS', I'm guessing, by extension, we KICK ASS. Better yet, I KICK ASS. You hear that sixth grade Haman elementary Class of '83 Kick Ball team? I KICK ASS! In your always-pick-that-Good-kid-last-face! HA HA HA!