That Cavortin' Bastard wishes to extend a pleasant Fuck Off to all the readers who agree with the following letter writer. That's also his response to any asshole who is thinking about writing something similar. He's heard it before. If you can't respond intelligently, don't bother responding.


Top Secret < > wrote:
Hey nigger,

I cant believe someone let your ass out of the zoo . Your monkey ass needs to be picking my cotton. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but blacks are being born everyday. I got a plan you might like, hang a nigger behind your pick up truck day. Also, heres one to stop future crime, drown all nigger babies you see in a tub. Damn, i am a fucken genius, thank God i am not a nigger.


Yo asshole.

Fuckin' prick. So fuckin' typical. You ain't got one thing ta say 'cept shout out ignorant, racist shit. It might be cool ta hear some arguments 'gainst the things I'm laying out in my articles, yo, but you can't formulate any type 'a logical argument through the haze of racist rhetoric and ill-formed opinions ya borrowed from your sorry ass grand daddy. I'm gonna rewrite your letter for ya, leavin' out all the unoriginal, cliche garbage and see what thoughts are left in your head, whitey.

I ... believe ... your ass ... [is] on ... my ... mind ... everyday. I got a ... pick up truck. Also, ... babies you see in a tub, ... i am ... fucken. Thank God.