Holy moley! No Apologies! Press garnered a coveted internet award! 

The award will be presented by Doug Patrick:


I am the Head Idiot at IdiotFile.com, and I am writing you to tell you that your site kicks butt. So much so, I have decided to give you my "Not an Idiot Award"...which I have added as an attachment. (No, it is not a virus. If you want to verify that this is not a bunch of crap, go to http://www.IdiotFile.com/awardwinners.htm and see your link. 
Yours is only the second site to receive such recognition. If you prefer copy/paste everything between the two lines goes into your html.
<center><a href="http://www.IdiotFile.com">

<img src=http://www.IdiotFile.com/idiotsaward.jpg

border=0 alt="The Idiot File was rated 5 Star by HumorSearch.com"></a>


Congratulations again!

Doug Patrick
The Idiot File


Accepting on behalf of the writers and editors here at the NA!P, Long Haired Hippie Freak!

The Idiot File was rated 5 Star by HumorSearch.com. LHHF: REALLY? WOW! THAN OUR SITE MUST BE GOOD!

Thank you, thank you. We always knew we deserved something like this. Fame, money and power are our destiny. And while this is only a measly little self-proclaiming advertisement for some web page that we've never been to, we accept it with humble gratitude and will magnanimously visit his page to increase his web traffic. Thank you again.