That Cavortin' Bastard won't let us hear the end of it now that he received his first letter. He's also convinced that the award belongs to him and that the only reason NA!P gets any hits at all is because people are checking in to see if there is a new Bastard article. I must admit, we've yet to receive a response quite like this.


Dear Mr. Bastard, 

I discovered your online column a couple months ago, and have become addicted. I don't agree with everything you say, and often find the slang distracting, but I always enjoy reading it. Who are you? How did you get this setup? What else do you do? Do you write anywhere else? 

I found your column on affirmative action very interesting. I will try to go through and read the other articles that you linked to, as soon as I get a chance. Because I haven't read them yet, I don't know if this idea was presented in any of them. We generally hear two arguments about affirmative action. The first is that it is necessary to give minorities a fair shot. They generally have farther to go to even try to keep up with the white kids who have everything handed to them. Racism exists whether we choose to acknowlege it or not. The other argument is that we have grown past affirmative action's usefullness. Everyone is equal and deserves an equal chance, regardless of race. If everything is merit based, the deserving people will win out. I was never sure where I stood, and am still not really sure. My HS economics teacher put forth a different argument, which changed the way I saw the issue. What he said was this: We should get rid of affirmative action because it is ineffective. Not because it is unnecessary or outdated, but because it is counterproductive. Think about it: has affirmative action really made a difference in the situation of blacks in this country? Not really. All it does is give them the illusion of success. All it does is allow a few people through, so that the rest of the minority population say "hey look, i could do that" rather than realizing that no matter how hard they work, the rich keep getting richer and the poor stay poor. So the minorities keep working in lousy conditions in hopes of making progress that never really comes, and the whites get offended and say "this isn't fair, we deserve an equal shot" and everyone bickers and quibbles and no progress is made. This is what the people on top want. Everyone knows the system is unfair. Everyone knows that minorities need an extra boost to get the same results. Everyone knows that corporations dominate our society. Why isn't anything done about it? Because programs like affirmative action give people hope of breaking out of their current situation by PLAYING WHITEY'S GAME. That's all it does. The only way to truly break the cycle is total social revolution, but that will NEVER HAPPEN if people think they can actually make it the way the white majority tells them they can. The truth is that even the few who can succeed in this way are only able to get so far before they are eventually squashed down again.

 I think there is a lot of truth in that. He is white, and a total socialist. I am white, and have socialist leanings. See if you can get your hands on a copy of "The Two Faces of Black America"; it was a documentary shown on PBS a few years ago. It illustrates this theory pretty clearly.

 What do you think of this? If it's true, it's pretty scary stuff... 



That Cavortin' Bastard responded with something or other. He said it was a private reply and we didn't need to know what he and Kelly rapped about after this letter. I think he just forgot to save his response in his send folder. Anyways, Congratulations Bastard!