We're even read in Australia, apparently. I didn't realize they were literate. But she knows the proper place to use the term 'fuckwit', so I guess civilization must be thriving down under.


I just have to commend you on the fine editorial you wrote about the Napster ordeal, and fuckwit musicians in general :) I'm quite a cynical music consumer, and generally try and stay clear of anything top 40...I really have to laugh at Creed and Metallica, who are obviously corporate music whores.

And on the issue of stealing - it's not just musicians stealing from each other! Britney steals from her earlier number one hits to make 'new' songs, for crying out loud! My boyfriend's pointed out many a musical rip offs. An American band stole the sound of Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin...i just can't remember the song, or the band. It'll come to me at some other point, i'm sure. I've temporarily lost the functioning of my brain. Buh!

But anyway! The point of this was just to commend your editorial efforts :) It's refreshing to read a musical commentary that isn't telling me how good the new CD from yet *another* 'r&b' band is :)

Nicole. Also known to you as Berk!
As Stinky Weezleteets once said,
"I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!"
Nicole Hoye


Brent is too busy pigging out on a ham, salami, linguicia and roast beef sandwich to respond to this letter about his own article. So I, Jeff, *ahem* Editor-in-Chief, will respond.

Napster? I had to do a little investigating of my own after this article. I had heard of it but had never tried it out. And then I did. 

Man. Who are these assholes complaining about Napster? This is great! I finally found A Hole in My Shoe by Neil of the Young Ones! Where else could I have done that? And the theme to Fat Albert! Man. This is great! And all the songs from the J. Geils Band tape that I wore out from play eight years ago. And Ozzy's Blizzard of Ozz. Whoever is bitching about Napster needs to be shot. I hate them.

I love you, Napster.

Jeff Good
The Red Lizard King