No Apologies! Press receives a letter from Hell!


Dear Retard-Basher,

I've perused your website and found your  pseudo-intellectual rantings amusing if not disturbing. The hodge-podge of fantasy-political-pop-cultural-satire illustrates your ambiguous views; but then, I think you rather enjoy remaining undefined.

 The Philosophical Demon

Who'd have thought our myriad nights of role play would help prepare  us for  the "real" world?


I'm not really sure to whom this letter was written. It seems to be a friend of Chris Davenport but he addresses it to one 'Retard-Basher'. He may be referring to Future Retard by No Apologies! Press except that Future Retard doesn't deprecate man's evolution into a society of retards but instead celebrates it. I'd also point out that 'pseudo-intellectual rantings' might refer to That Bastard except That Bastard might hurt me because of the implication. Also, the 'hodge-podge' of 'satire' which 'illustrates' our 'ambiguous views' is an easy mistake to make if you assume that everything you read at No Apologies! Press was written by the one person to which this nutcase has addressed the letter. And as for remaining 'undefined', it would seem that only people lost in this world of overwhelming input need to firmly plant their feet in a foundation created by age old rhetoric and biased cultural belief. And these are the people who turn hypocrite when they are unable to apply their own individual values to varying situations because they must live up to the ethics they believe can encompass every possible conflict in existence. Those who are rigid may see those able to bend as 'undefined'. Or these can just be the odd ramblings of a Demon Philosophical.