Friday, August 29, 3:08 PM PST

Don't Just Stand There! Bustamante!

by Cappy Ahab,
NA!P NewsWire

SACRAMENTO, CALIF. -- Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante has announced the final candidates for his potential campaign slogan.

If the citizens of California recall Gray Davis in early October, Bustamante has prepared the following possible slogans voters should keep in mind as they select the next governor:

Cruz for Chicks! Vote Bustamante!

Lieutenant Schmootenant! Bustamante for Real Governor!

Bustamante? Why In Hell Not?

Bustamante: Power to the Fickle, Fickle People of California

Cruz Puts the "Crat" in Democrat!

A Vote for Bustamante is a Vote For Bustamante. Vote Bustamante!"

Moustaches: No Longer Just for Petty Dictators

Embracing the democratic spirit, Bustamante has put these slogans to an Internet poll. So far, Clay Aiken is leading by 104 million votes.



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