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by Hesah McToole,
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BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND -- Protestants cornered and kicked the living shit out of Megan O'Mannon, a Catholic schoolgirl, yesterday.

The beating of the seven-year-old girl appears to be in response to the living shit being beaten out of a Protestant schoolgirl the previous day by Catholics, who were retaliating for the living shit being kicked out of a Catholic girl the day before.

"Yeh, but you dinnah see what they done to poor Shaina O'Shady!" claimed Protestant Mickey O'Malley, referring to an earlier incident, during which a Protestant schoolgirl had the living shit being beaten out of her by a gang of Catholics.

"Kick the livin' shite outta her, they did! May God gnaw at their manly parts!"

"Fookin' deserved it, she did!" declared Tracy O'Toole, a Catholic commenting on the Shaina incident. "She come 'round after theys beat the livin' shite out of me cousin Tara O' Toole, she did!"

"May a stinking infection of the genital sort be visited upon her mother!" he added.

A History of Beatings
The "Irish beating the living shit out of young Irish girls in revenge for kicking the living shit out of other young Irish girls" phenomenon has become a tradition among the Northern Irish, as each group has justified each beating by recounting an earlier beating throughout the century.

Tracing back tales of revenge, it appears the beatings first began at the turn of the century, when six-year-old Protestant schoolgirl Brighid O'Brady had the living shit beaten out of her by Catholics.

A contemporary news account recounted that twenty or so men cried out, "They beat the livin' shite outta Gobnait O'Galley, they did!" as they pummelled the little girl.

Whether "Gobnait" is a female name remains a mystery.

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