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Lindows Changes Name to Licrosoft to Avoid Litigation

by Brent the Johnson,
NA!P NewsWire

SAN DIEGO -- Only a week after renaming its Linux-based operating system from "LindowsOS" to "Linspire," the company has changed its corporate name from "Lindows, Inc." to "Licrosoft."

"It was apparent to everyone that Microsoft didn't intend to stop at our operating system's name," stated Licrosoft CEO Michael Robertson. "After all, Lindows is Lindows is Lindows. So we took steps to avoid future litigation by renaming the company."

Throughout out Licrosoft's history, attorneys for Microsoft had doggedly pursued the company in court, alleging "Lindows" infringed upon its own "Windows" mark.

When U.S. courts refused to uphold Microsoft's claim, the company filed trademark-infringement suits throughout the world and appeared to be making headway in retarded countries like Finland.

"Dude, man, we freakin' killed them in the Netherlands," Microsoft attorney Dorian Ludvard explained. "And Estonia was next -- everyone knows what Estonia's like. Anyway, Licrosoft did the right thing and backed down, even if it totally makes them look like complete pusses."

Ludvard was confident that Microsoft's victory would serve as a lesson to those thinking about copying Microsoft's intellectual property. "No one wants to be like Licrosoft -- stalked, humiliated and receive threatening but anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night. It's embarrassing, dude."

"Hey, what's done is done," Robertson said, shrugging. "Sure, Microsoft won the battle -- but we think that our new name not only stands out, but improves upon our reputation as the leading provider of Linux-based operating systems and software."

This fall, Licrosoft will launch its new OS -- codenamed "Norhgnol" -- with a huge publicity effort featuring the slogan "Where do want to be right now?" and a widely-anticipated appearance by Keith Richards.

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