Thursday, August 14, 9:44 PM PST

Super Heroes Sue Super Villains for Infringement

by Brent "The Duke" Johnson,
NA!P NewsWire

EMPIRE CITY -- Escalating an already bad situation between the two high-powered groups, the League of Super Champions took its fight against the Legion of Supreme Crooks to the courts today, claiming that their arch-enemies were causing confusion among loyal readers of the Super Champions' comics.

The action is but the latest in a week which has seen Fox News file suit against comedian Al Franken for his use of the network's alleged trademark "fair and balanced" on the cover of his latest latest book.

"Just because Fox owns our comic-book publisher, that's not -- and I repeat, that's not -- the reason we're filing suit," declared The Tenniseer, current leader of the Super Champions.

"But Fox did show us that you can sue anyone for anything, even for possession of the English language," The Tenniseer continued. "And you know what? Anyway we can we can stick it to the Super Crooks is okay by us. And when we win, it'll be a --"

"A victory for FREEEEEEDOM®!" interjected Ace, The Tenniseer's boon teenaged companion. The phrase "A victory for FREEEEEEDOM®!" is a registered trademark of the Super Champions.

The particulars of the lawsuits remain sealed, but are thought to center around the acronym "LoSC," used by both super-hero groups when referring to themselves in shorthand.

Needless to say, the Super Crooks aren't going down without a fight.

"I'll tell you what this is, this is a fight for the freedom of expression," announced The Racketeer, nemesis of The Tenniseer and leader of the Super Crooks.

"There's no way they can suppress the use of our name, especially since the League of Super Chumps only formed after the Legion of Super Crooks started its quest for world domination," The Racketeer added.

"And if it just so happens that the judge doesn't see it our way, well --"

"Fuck 'EMMMMM®!" interrupted Dead Spot, The Racketeer's juvenile partner in crime. The phrase "Fuck 'EMMMMM®!" is a registered trademark of No Apologies! Press, used under license by the Legion of Super Crooks.



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