Saturday, October 11, 6:41 AM PST

Rush Limbaugh Denies Conservative Leanings

by Cappy Ahab,
NA!P NewsWire

NEW YORK -- In a very special Barbara Walters interview to be televised this week, radio personality Rush Limbaugh admits to having dabbled with a conservative agenda in his youth, but refuses to concede that he continues to struggle with a conservative habit, despite published reports to the contrary.

In transcripts acquired from ABC, the surprise admission came after Walters asked Limbaugh, "Weren't you photographed at a Republican luncheon earlier this spring?"

"No. Absolutely not. That isn't me," Limbaugh replied. "[It's] someone who looks like me, and the resemblance isn't even that great.

"Look Barbara, am I a prescription drug addict? Yes. A racist? Absolutely. But a conservative? That's really crossing the line. That's appalling. The notion disgusts me, disgusts me."

Despite heavy coaxing from the lisping Walters, Limbaugh continued to deny any conservative leanings.

"I've made mistakes in my past. I may even had a youthful curiosity in a conservative agenda when I was a boy," he admitted.

"But there's a big gap between youthful dabbling and the decision of a mature and thoughtful middle-aged man. Conservative? I flatly deny it."

"You deny it?" Walters countered in a sexy-kitty voice, hoping the soft lights hiding her many wrinkles would distract Limbaugh enough to extract a truthful answer.

"Flatly," Limbaugh answered.

The appearance is motivated in part to a persistent rumor that has appeared in multiple articles and news reports around the country -- that Limbaugh has had a clandestine relationship with numerous conservative organizations and causes.

If the allegations are proven true, the future of his popular radio program and new commercial ventures in flavored meat sauce will be uncertain.

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