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Yes! Yes! Porn for the whole goddamn family! Porn for mommy, porn for daddy, even porn for little Sally and little Billy. The sad thing is, even this site says you must be over 18 to enter. If it wasn't for this little bit of false advertising, this would be the greatest porn ad ever.

Nothing kills the mood faster than the thought that this troglodyte may be masturbating to the exact same picture you are. Your ad failed, jerk. Try again later.

This is awful. What kind of inhuman slime continues to have sex with a girl even after she goes into epileptic shock? Truly one of the more sickening fetishes I've encountered. If you play music while watching this banner, her twitching almost seems to be rhythmic.

I love how he's crossing his arms, effectively communicating just how smug he is over his new endowment. But I somehow doubt that's "100% Natural". And no girl is going to let me get within 100 feet of her with that thing. Plus, shopping for pants is hard enough as it is.

If this is how girls are 'supposed to suck cock', find me one who's incompetent. Penis rugburn is a major turn-off.

 Reviewed by CHESUTA


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