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Hot sluts! Yes! See how heterosexual I am? All I care about is that this site delivers the hot sluts. I'm going to ignore the fact that the phrase BIGGEST DICK is obviously the selling point of this ad. And I'll also ignore the beginning of the hot sluts sentence which commands me to click ASAP for HUGE DICKS! Even the fact that the chick is coughing up a ferret won't deter me from those hot sluts! An obvious ad for gay porn but hoping to get the occasional heterosexual click over. It's porn! It works for me!

Upskirt teenies! Just what I've been looking for! I have no idea what a teenie is but if it's naked, I'm fucking there. The only problem I have with this ad has nothing to do with this ad. I'm just trying to figure out why the hell it's so hard to use a right handed mouse with my left hand. And for those porn connoisseurs who are click disabled, this ad even gives the URL so you can visit by manually typing in the address. One handed.

Teen farm! Whoo boy! Look at all those motherfucking exclamation points! It's punctuation and it's a hard-on! But it's not the punctuation nor the fact that I get free entry to Teen Farm that's gonna get me to click over to this exciting page. I can't wait to see chicks humiliating themselves by hanging around big, stinky, dirty, nasty farm animals while they pose naked and try to look sexy. 'Yeah, baby! Give me a great ass shot! Let's see some beaver! Whoa, watch out for them horse apples!!' Fucking Teen Farm should be a Saturday Morning cartoon.

Damn, I'm kind of conflicted about this ad. I mean, on the one hand, it's trying to lure me over with a whole back-to-skool motif. But on the other hand, it's porn. And I'm pretty sure they're lying to me when they tell me that the Fresh Juicy Pussies are ONLY HERE. Cause I just got through perusing a whole bunch of other pussies on the previous sites and they looked pretty fresh and most of them were really juicy. I do believe that they have the only fresh juicy pussies that can yell, "BACK TO SKOOL" though.

I'm glad this ad clarifies that this is the home of 'POSSIBLY' the world's sexiest midget. It's the perfect disclaimer. You think, "Well, there could be sexier midgets." But what this ad truly declares is that the word 'sexy' and 'midget' POSSIBLY don't really belong together. Although, that just may be my own tastes speaking considering the massive amount of hits our DwarfLover page receives from people checking search engines for HOT STEAMING DWARF PORN. I'd click this link but only for the freak show factor. I'd probably yank my rod over at BubblegumTV

Reviewed by The Red Lizard King


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