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Monday, August 19, 2002

I knew I should have gone to the Con this year! Gary Fucking Gygax! Goddamn, that's great!

Hey, weren't you on, How Fresh Is This Guy? and Dork of the Day? Just making sure!
posted by Larry Pressfield 4:37 PM

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Although being contacted by the Christina Show was pretty exciting, it doesn't hold a candle to the guest the 3 Gamer Chicks had over at their site. The holiest of holy's, next to good ol' J.R.R., that is. The roleplay guru of gurus, Mr. Gary Gygax! Man. And they made cruel. The best I've done is Who's that or whatever those jerks were. Oh! And I had my picture in the WebSitesToVisit pull-out section of Maxim a year or so ago. That was pretty cool. I should scan that in, now that I'm thinking about it. Where the hell did I stick that?
posted by Chris Davenport 10:32 PM

Whoo! I just received an e-mail from some guy at the CHRISTINA SHOW. Is it wrong for me to list his toll free number here, just in case anybody out there is a hispanic midget and wants to be on the show?

Hi Chris:

My name is Martin Fernandez, producer of the Cristina Show (The Spanish
Oprah) on Univision Network. I see you mention Hispanic Midgets on you
website. I would like to contact some of them for a show I'm producing
August 30th 2002. Please contact me via e-mail or at my toll free
1-877-492-**** or 305-471-****. We will fly them in with all expenses
Call me for more information.

Martin Fernandez
Univision Network
Cristina Show
Tel: (305) 471-****
Fax:(305) 471-****

posted by Chris Davenport 10:26 PM

Friday, August 09, 2002

Can I just tell you I am so sick of my new comic-reading "friends" saying "SNIK SNIK" whenever their Wolverine slices up my Hercules (which happens to be the only character besides Wolfsbane who can even possibly be imagined in a finer age of Swords and Sorcery). Heroclix, sir, is becoming my bane. It's gaming, so it's somewhat fun, and it's a group game, so there's some comaraderie, but it's not roleplay (other than comic nerds "re-enacting" favorite fights between their favorite teams and screaming out one-liners from the scriptbooks in their heads, which isn't, I declare, roleplaying. Well, creative roleplaying anyway).

I miss being an elf.

I miss being Elflord of the Elves of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Region!
posted by Larry Pressfield 2:27 PM

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