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Thursday, September 19, 2002


I'm not the biggest fan of elves, but I am a big fan of yours. I'm not sure I can peel through the virtual layers of misdirection and satire to get to the real Larry Pressfield, but if he's even a shimmer from a shard of the frequent guest on Davenport Dwarf and the All-Star from Dwarf Lover, he is, truly, a great, great American.

Or Armenian. Or wherever you are from.

Sincerely, Daniel Eness
WOW! Thanks Daniel! This is the first real nice email I've received! Everyone just wants to make fun of me and stuff, just because I prefer elves (well, used to, since I don't roleplay after being overthrown fro the leadership of my holt).

May the Tree of Eliara sustain you always! Your friend always,
Larry Pressfield,
High Elflord of the Elves of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Region in Exile.

posted by Larry Pressfield 10:16 AM

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