19 - Ramune Drink

20 -
Kirin Afternoon Tea

21 -
Non-Carbonated Soft Drink

#1 - Basil Seed Drink With Honey

#2 -
Yogloo (Melon)

#3 -
Suntory Coffee Boss Plus One

#4 -
Lotte Milkis

#5 -
Foco Lychee Drink

#6 -
Grass Jelly Drink

#7 -
Mocha Kilimanjaro

#8 -
Pearl Milk Tea

#9 -
Pocari Sweat

10 -
Shirakiku Soft Drink

11 -
Yeo's Soy Bean Drink

12 -
Soursop Juice

13 -
Cheon Yeon Cider

14 -
Young Coconut Juice With Jelly

15 -
Chrysanthemum Drink

16 -

17 -
Foco Tamarind Juice

18 -
Oranamin C Drink

True Believers
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Ninja Burger
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Questionable Drinks
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The Bad Candy Website
"...do hereby declare war on any and all candy whose consumption serves only to create misery and suffering amongst the upstanding citizenry of the world." Yeah, we can't say they didn't inspire us in some way -- afterall, there's a tape of Jeff and I eating a bunch of these damnable "candies" in one sitting! Someday we'll get it up.

Japanese Pizza
"As far as I can tell, this is the web's first page dedicated to introducing the world to Japanese pizza which, in some guises, is truly an abomination for mankind." Even the crust looks off...

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