We at No Apologies! Press are often asked to consider this or that submission for publication, even though we (at this point, anyway) pay absolutely nothing for an accepted piece.

Hundreds insist on publication anyway, knowing how important it is for today's humorist to appear under the aegis of the NA!P banner.

We turn most of the wannabes away -- after all, we at NA!P have a reputation. A trust to uphold. A charge to keep. "Quality, not quantity!" is the motto that echoes throughout the hallways of our world headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley.

But once in a while, we come across a creator so endowed, so creative, so salient -- in a word, so funny -- that we will deny him or her nothing but money.

Gentle readers, we proudly present to you the advent of Darkle, Humorist Extraordinaire, and his first NA!P contribution:

"Goat Sex"