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We've reached the end!

After some massive coverage of this feature, Craigslist (bless his heart, that Craig) made some changes to his site that separated the freaks and the lonesomes from one another.

Personal Tragedies is the most disturbing thing we've ever worked on -- but although we'll never get over staring at dozens of cocks at the same time while putting it together, in the end, it was worth warning the general public of the not-so-secret grossness that is a horny dude on the Internet. Indeed, we are heroes.

So what happens when a girl looks for a guy on the Internet?

Nothing good, we suspected, so we posted a personal ad on a well-known site to see how bad it could get:

We tracked down a chick who'd do the writing, set up a freemail account, and sorted out the "jewels" from nothing-goods. We then blurred out faces and distinguishing marks, because we ain't in a mood to get sued for defamation (even if these idiots did voluntarily send us their pics).

The results were worse than we expected -- we got showered with dick, literally and figuratively. Not to mention mancrack. NEWSFLASH: Mancrack is not attractive.

Needless to say, this is the most disturbing project we at NA!P have ever worked on. Well, fuck it -- enjoy the results, because we certainly won't.



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