an answer to the craigslist blues...

I'd imagine that you would get so-so results on this craigslist board on account that it is dominated by freaks and losers. Consider me an exception to the rule.

So are you looking for someone who is enticed by a daytime rendezvous? Something really fun, hot and non-committal. Do you want something discreet? That's what I am hoping....

I'm WM, 28 y.o., 5'11", 185 lbs, very fit, clean and disease free. I'm looking to romp with a fun girl with a fun personality. Is that you?

let me know if you're interested.

What mystery is he hiding?
(Besides his wife, that is)

Seduction Letter #1

hope you like my picture
(no picture was included)

Hello babe.

OK let me cut all the bullshit. I hope you like my pic and believe me, in ALL FUCKING HONESTY, I have a record of fucking ALL NIGHT LONG, I am NOT a wam bam thank you mam guy, I stay over and make more love in the morning and more love in the shower, my record is giving my girl 7 orgasms, I hope you will make me give you 9 to break my own record. well, listen, if you did not like my photo, let us make a deal still, it is only a fuck and let us just make it happen, I promis not to leave you before I have given you at least 7 orgasms and I just hope that you can stand my hard shaft fucking your soft pussy all night long and not wanting to quit.

Much Love,  JOE


Try again!
(he sent this email three times)

Here are my pics...tall, athletic, very good looking...
and so very shaved


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