SUBJECT: Ad response, pics attached

i'm also looking for just no stings sex, am usually available during daytime, can travel. i love to give orally unti the sheets are soaked, sorry if my pics are too forward but if you're still interested please reply.


Seduction Letter #11

I'm not sure you're interested but perhaps I can supply what you're looking for while also making worth to you as well. I like to touch and taste every inch of a woman - I get great pleasure and fun from the sensual experience. I like to slide a woman's hair away from the back of her neck and kiss there, gently exhaling onto her skin. I enjoy kissing her shoulders and along the angle of her jaw, feeling her raise her head and allow me to taste her neck. Its fun to kiss down the nape of a woman's neck, moving my tongue slowly between her breasts, feeling the firmness with my fingers and tongue. I enjoy moving from breast to breast taking each into my mouth making the nipples slick and wet with my saliva, gently tugging and pinching them with my fingers, feeling them slippery.... Slowly I move down, along her stomach, circling her belly button, kissing it, softly and move even further down, past her hips and her waiste. I love to feel a woman part her legs for my mouth, lifting her hips to my tongue, wanting me to take her into my mouth, to part her pussy lips with my fingers and gently, softly, rapidly flick her clitoris with my tongue. I love the feel of a woman thighs wrapped around my head lifting her hips to my mouth, fucking my face, moving her body with the rhythm of my tongue.......ultimately cumming in my mouth, on my face........thanks for your note back. I'm looking for a sensual sexual experience. I'd also like a woman to go down on me and if that's all we chose to do I'd want to cum in her mouth. for that I'd be in the 150-200 range. I'd prefer to have a full safe sexual experience with intercourse and for that I'd be in the 300-400 range depending on the person. Do you have a picture you can send? Let me know how we can talk further. I can send a picture if you'd like as well.


Subject: ;)

ciao per ora

You are so hot.

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