Whoops! Guess I was wrong about the lack of words!

I arrive at your house and you invite me in. We talk very earnestly about nothing inparticular and then I lift up your skirt and make action where my fingers land. You go down on me, you suck my balls with fervor. I pick you up and set you down on my pump-action carousel of joy. Over the sofa, the kitchen sink, and the shower. You repeatedly suck me off and reward your caring between your cheeks. I slip it in your dirt-hole slow, long, and meaningful until I'm pounding your ass like a piece of veal. As we reach our threshold, I grab onto your nipples and squeeze, squeeze ... squeeze. I break to give you a spanking and then a fine reward. Desert wine and I disappear.

Wee! I like disguising this goth-punk as a glam-rock god!

Seduction Letter #13

VERY WRONG, as it turns out...

Subject: a picture...and a thousand words....for your pleasure..

Knock, delicate, quiet knocks on the door to your office...I wasn't sure if you were there, but I had a hunch you maybe working late, so I figured I'd surprise you. You hesitate for a moment and look at your watch...who could that be at this hour?...but curiosity lets your mind wander and you've got to see who it is...you normally don't work with your door shut but it was quite cool in the office and you thought it might help.

As you open the door slowly, not asking whom is on the other side, you jump back as you see my smile and penetrating eyes catch you off guard. You weren't expecting me, but it was a pleasant surprise. I have a bottle of Merlot in one hand, and one glass in the other. And as I step inside, you wrap your arms around me and give me a light kiss on the cheek. You tell me you’re almost finished and that we should probably wait to open the bottle till we get back to your place, but I had other plans in mind. I go to sit down on your Freudian couch, and place the bottle between my legs. You sit back into your large executive chair and get back to reading and scribbling away at your reports.

POP...you look over to see that I have opened the bottle and after letting it breathe for a few minutes, begin to pour it into the glass. You look over and shake your head, but you have no idea what I have in store for you...

I quickly drink the whole contents of the glass and pour one for you...Your turn I say...do it for me...I tell you. And you second-guess it, looking back and forth at your paper work and my seductive gaze. Well, I suppose I can have a glass...all the while you are tossing around ideas in your head as to what I have in mind. I walk over to your desk and place the bottle down and hold the glass up for you to take, and as soon as you do, I walk behind your chair and begin to massage your shoulders. You are tense, you've had a long day, and as you find yourself finishing your glass quickly as well, you slowly let out a sign of relaxation, easing off your suit coat and allowing my hands to work their magic over your blouse. I pour you another glass, and reach down to give you a delicate kiss on your neck. You head moves away, exposing your neck to my kisses...each soft and wanting. Your head looks up at me, trying to catch my lips with your own, and I stand up quickly, not yet I say...and as you sip from your glass with perplexing...I withdraw a black silk scarf from my pocket, and place it over your eyes...you're in for a treat I tell you...but only if you go with what I say, will you truly be pleasured by it all...but, but, you try to say and then you remain silent, eager to find out what I mean. As you are now blindfolded, I hold the glass of wine to your hand and tell you to drink the last of it, and now that you cannot see, you must let me take control of your body, no questions asked...

I take a vial of some strawberry flavored oil and dabble some drops on your
thighs. I rub it in as I begin to lap up its sweetness with my tongue. I stand up and move to your back again, now slipping off your bra and letting your lovely breasts entice me. I take some soothing baby oil and after warming it in my palms, caress your back and shoulders as your neck rolls around from relaxation. I flick my tongue on your ear and begin to suck on your ear lobe, while my hands move around to the front of your body and each hand finds each of your nipples, hard and excited. I take my tongue and slowly trace your cheek as I find your lips, searching for mine, and I pull away...not letting you have a taste yet...I roll your chair around so that I am facing you again, and now I bring out a feather...You don't know it and so it feels so good when I suckle your breast for a moment and then run the feather across your wet nipple. I do that to each breast for several minutes, before I begin to travel up and down your naked arms with my tongue and the soft, delicate feather. You let out soft moans as you come to realize what it is I'm teasing you with...and I make my way down to your navel, You almost giggle but as my tongue makes its way to right above
your clit...

You all of a sudden get a hot look on your face...

You can almost feel my tongue on your clit, but I won't lick it yet...I want to see sweat dripping from your forehead in anticipation before I give in to what you desire...I sit back on your couch and pull your feet onto my lap.

One foot of to the side, one between my legs, and as I rub more baby oil
into my palms and onto your aching toes, I see a smile slip across your face. I massage each foot slowly and firmly, and gradually move up your calves. Going back and forth between firm strokes with my palms, and delicate trails of my fingertips, barely touching your skin. My hands make there way up to your inner thighs, and I pull at your skin, rubbing your muscles and soothing your body. I plant a kiss on your knee cap, and pull you body closer to the edge of the chair, and drape your legs over mine as I dribble some more strawberry oil all over your thighs. My tongue eager to taste you guides up and down your inner thigh. One hand moving back and forth towards your pussy, while my tongue works on your other thigh...and then I switch. I can feel your legs tremble around me, and I know your are very wet by now, but I don't want you to feel my tongue yet, I want to tease you some more, so I just blow on you clit, which I can see by now is very red and large, so I take my index finger and rub it in some of the strawberry oil and lift it up to your mouth to suck on for a moment, which you do eagerly, being the first thing you can do with your mouth in over a half hour now, and then I pull it out and trail it slowly down your chin, and between your breasts, and down to you navel, and just above your clit, I move my finger between your pussy and your thigh...still taunting you...making your want me inside you so bad. And I take my own fingers and suck on them for a moment, as I rub the skin surrounding your pussy. I myself can't take it any longer; my overwhelming desire to hear you moan with ecstasy, drives me to slip my finger in, and at once I can feel your lips clench around it.

As my finger explores the wet walls of your body, my thumb gently massages
your clitoris. I keep my finger action going on as my lips find there way to your lonely nipples again. They are now soft from being neglected, but as soon as my mouth covers them, they begin to grow and arouse you immensely. And before long, I give in to the succulent lips that have always caught my attention before, and you slip your tongue inside my mouth as our lips embrace in a celestial kiss..

I can see your hands struggling to be let free, but I whisper in your ear, not yet…. You must be patient to truly experience ecstasy. And I know you have already been extremely patient with me, so I tell you just a little while longer, as my head sinks between your legs, and I finally let my tongue taste the wetness your body has produced. I take long strokes with my tongue, making sure ever inch of your lips and clitoris are covered. I take my finger again and slip it into you mouth for you to get it all wet before I slide it into the folds of the inner most part of your body. You hands grasp the handles of the chair your are held in, and I can see a smile growing across your face. I wiggle my tongue from side to side, working
your clit like a nipple, anxious to be played with. I can see your pussy
muscles tighten in front of me…and I take my hands and spread your lips wide
enough to push my tongue deep inside of you. Ohhhhh, you let out an intense
moan as you feel my tongue probing you.

I would take off your blindfold to show you how much fun I am having in your love nest…but I want your imagination to run wild with images and emotions. I myself have closed my eyes and imagined the Heaven that my tongue is wandering through, looking for enlightenment. So I grab the rest of the strawberry oil, and squeeze some out on your beautiful lips. Your body wiggles a little from the coolness, but my hand quickly smears the oil all around your inner thighs and all over your shaved, silky pussy. My lips are drawn to yours and I kiss you passionately between the legs, and spend the next half-hour letting my tongue and fingers relish in your deliciousness. Bye now you have worked up a great deal of your own oils and fluids and I lift my fingers up to your mouth to taste your sweetness, which you do so hungrily. Finally, I remove the rest of my clothes, and grab my hardness firmly, and gently touch your wet lips. Please give it to me, you request. But you should know by now, everything I do is done slowly and precisely tonight (OBVIOUSLY -- The editor). I want you to feel everything nerve ending tingling as I tease your pussy. Slowly pushing my cock inside of you but just an inch. And then I pull out and let my head glide up and down your thighs. I take a moment to suck on your nipples that have grown soft from a lack of attention, but quickly harden in my mouth. And I look up to see you biting your lower lip. I know how much this turns you on. But before I get too involved with your nipples. I take my shaft again, and ease it slightly deeper inside you. I myself can hardly hold back. Your lips tighten around me, and hold me inside as I try to pull out just to tease you and make you want me more. I want to make unbelievable love to you right now, but I want your body to need it, to want to feel my cock push up against the deepest part of you. And so I finally give in and let my cock drive all the way in. And after a few moments, I gently release your hand restraints, which you quickly get out of, and reach up to remove your blindfold, but I gently hold your hand back, whispering to you: Not Yet, try to hold out, until you have an orgasm… But I already have had plenty, you respond, but quickly realize it means something special to me so you go along with the intense embrace we have created with out the ability to watch. My knees grow weary so I pull out and lay back down on the couch, taking your hand and guiding your body over to me. You ask me where the tasty oil I had was, and I wonder what is on your mind. I reach down and hand you the vial. Still blindfolding, you straddle me on the couch, and squeeze the last bit of strawberry oil on your hand, and with your other hand, you feel around for my engorged cock. First you kiss it, and then begin to massage the oil around my head. Yummy, you say. Like a lollipop, you bob up and down on my head, and take long strokes up and down my shaft. Now I’m the one biting my lip, filled with pleasure and only wondering what will happen next. I can’t believe how good it feels to have you sucking me right now. I think it’s a combination of the wine, and delicacy of the night that has created such a memorable experience. You truly have taken this time to become artistic with the oil and my body. As if you were painting watercolor pictures with your tongue. And I am anxious to feel your wetness on my fingers again. Telling you how bad I want and need you. You’d like to tease me…put me through all the confusing pleasure, and exotic treatment I have just exposed you to, but that is for another time. You turn with your back to me, and ease yourself onto my oily hardness. I am flushed with ecstasy as I feel you tighten around me. No one has made me feel the way you do. And I think to myself how special it is to have someone like you to experience this with. You start off slowly, with your palms resting on my thighs you control your movements up and down on my shaft, controlling me while giving me such amazing pleasure. You can feel the pressure building up inside you. You’ve come so much that the orgasms come and go more rapidly now, and you can feel something building up inside you. You feel my cock pulsating inside you as my balls tighten and scream for release. Your grinding becomes quicker and harder, and I try to help by pulling back into the couch and holding your hips trying to work my body around yours, making my cock make circles inside you. And as you tell me you are almost going to come again…. I reach around and massage your swollen clitoris, as I feel the come building up inside of me. Sweating is pouring down your back, and I begin to slide around on the slick leather couch soaked with my own sweat. So many thoughts are rushing through my head and my whole body begins to shake. My feet are stretching out at my ankles and I can feel my muscles along my legs contract and release. Your legs begin to shake and your body is making these quick, snapping gyrations. Like your drawing the come out of my cock. Our moans become stronger, and our breaths become shorter and louder. Oh god, I’m coming we both scream, as we lose ourselves in wildly passionate climax. You fall back into my arms and we just lay back on this wet couch will I hold you. We have spent so much energy after a long day and we are so at ease with ourselves,
refreshed, yet tired, that we end up falling asleep there…both with wide smiles on our faces, and sweet dreams of what we will do tomorrow.


Subject: Bright, built, fun and ....

just enough manners, just enough edge to be the man you want in the clinches.... I'm late 30s, 6'4", 225lbs, and open to many possibilities.

How about the possibility that you're on the verge of a midlife crisis???

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