SUBJECT: Look over here

Dear Female Looking,
I'll fuck you religiously and leave without a hassle.  My cock in your cunt, down your throat, up your ass.  My tongue on your pussy and clit, my fingers in your pussy and asshole.  Your tits in my mouth, your nipples between my fingers.
Fuck, fuck, fuck.  Some talk, some laughter, some smiles. Breathing. More fucking.
Pleasure on top of pleasure on top of pleasure.

Seduction Letter #4

Female looking for fun without complications

I am a graphic artist, a baker, and a drummer. I am a very easy going guy, with a positive outlook on things. I have a wide open mind and find great humor in many things, just as you must. I am moving to NYC in Jan, so I'm not looking for anything serious.

I am extremely oral, and excellent in finding the places your last lover forgot to find. My sexual preference is only constrained to painless (somewhat, I don't mind a little nibbling.) pleasure. You must open sexually as well.

Looking forward to your pleasure, so come get some!


Here's my pic

Hi. You sound like fun. You can find my picture at http://xxxxxx

Let me know if you're interested.


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