I am able to give and give and give...

I'm 32, 6'/185lbs, not dumb(not that this says a lot, but I made it through UC Berkeley). From the picture, you can get some sense of my general physical composition. Don't worry, my face is okay. I don't like to reveal my identity with first correspondences of this nature.

Sexually, I am very open to exploration. What are you looking to do?

Not you!

Seduction Letter #6

I am fine here.
I hope that you are also fine there.
I wish that New Year Come to you as excitement and Joy ...

May love and laughter fill your life throughout the New Year.

I want to tell you something about myself.
I am a simple, single man...
I am very Passionate and trust worthy and honest. I want to
Enjoy life, love and laughter.

I love music, movies, going out and traveling
I like, shopping, relaxing, traveling and to enjoy life.

I hope you like me.... send me an email.
We will talk more next time...
If you are interested, please let me know
and I will send you more information about me
I would also like to see a picture of you.
I am waiting for your reply...
wishing you all the best here...

Happy New Year ...
I hope to hear from you soon
Loving new friend


SUBJECT: No Complications Sounds Great to Me!

Hi there, I would love to take you to dinner... and more I hope.

My name is XXX, I am 6'2", very fit, very fun, well endowed and very easy going.

Take a look and let me know!

Yeah, take a look...

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