Dude needs shower curtains. Oh, wait...

SUBJECT: Dinner in SF?

Interesting post on CraigsList.
I'm 6'2",180lbs, very fit(runner), 38years, professional, enjoy live music and staying fit.

Would like to meet in SF sometime for a

Hope you like my picture...do you have one in return?

Good luck in your search

Seduction Letter #9

Wants "European Love"

SUBJECT: Looking for a lover
I'm sorry to hear that you didn't quite find what you were looking for in your first posting. I hope this one serves you a little better. 'Shopping' on the internet is pretty hit-and-miss, but can be a pleasant diversion.

These days I'm looking for a lover...more in the european sense of the term (such as champagne in bed, thrilling rendezvous, maybe a weekend away...) rather than the american one (casual selfish sex). I am into discovering meaningful connections in models other than boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm not into drama. I'm not into control or staking claims on your life. Mine is pretty solid...sounds like yours is too.

I am 28, tall and lanky (6'2, 165lbs), athletic (in the yoga, gym, hiking sense, rather than the marathon running sense), white, clean and clean shaven, non-smoker, good drinker. I am playful and creative in bed (and out). I am into honesty, but not prying.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

SUBJECT: Handsome Man with Pic

Hi there. Here's my pic. I'd love to chat and ? Dinner
is great for me too

Is it just me or are you FIVE FEET TALL?!

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