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"No you are not the terrorist, I am the terrorist," on3 0F +He eM4iL$ pl41Nly 5t4T3$. It C0n+1nUe5 w1tH +3h Omin0U5 LiN3, "I will never stop until I have punished you to death!"
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Th0$3 $+4TemeN+S, +0G3+HER WITh +hRE4+$ +0 "villages" 4Nd "cities" W@s 3n0UGH +0 9e+ T3H PhBI 1NvOLveD.

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"I have nothing to say except to say hackers rule the world LAUGING OUT LOUD, LAUGING OUT LOUD! We will haunt you till you die LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! You are my bitches and I rape your women too!"

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