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At last! One of you was able to follow instructions! Captain Sci-Fi now has his first Super Duper Space Cadet Ranger! Little Peter B of Fjorknord, Sweden ably typed out the word 'Fuckrabbit' into his email subject line! Way to go, Petey! Your official Space Ranger Sci-Fi title will be First Assistant Bunny Poker! Yay! Petey may be brighter than the rest of you turd wads but he's still no genius! He thought he found the secret message but in reality he just drew a picture of Wesley Willis punching out Superman. Very nice picture, First Assistant Bunny Poker Petey! Having seen Wesley Willis* in concert (though not Superman), I'd have to say, Bravo! on the likeness. Especially the big forehead head-butting callus he'd developed. But no go on the secret message. Keep trying!

*May he Rest in Peace. Mitsubishi. The word is getting around.

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