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Wake Up, America!
(September 15)

C-word E-word S-word N-word Y-word
(March 7)

Yo Jesus Be Gayin, Yo
(January 14)


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Rudolf the Hooked Nose Reindeer
(December 6)

America Owes Us
(November 5)

Casper the Friendly Ghost & the NBA Analogy
(September 21)

They Want Our Vote; They Don't Want Us
(September 13)

You Whitey's Is Scared of Everything
(August 9)

It Ain't Real Less Someone Get Hurt
(July 20)

Another Brotha Beatdown
(July 17)

Wonderin' why I sound like a cracked bastard or Sam Jackson?
(June 29)

Now I a chillin' on the corner with the brothas, drinkin' 40s, throwin' the bones and peepin' the laydeees, yeah. Make yo own site, cracka.
(June 18)

Check yodelf, cracker. I'm a hangin' with the honeys, yo.
(May 23)

Miami Cubans... Ain't It Typical
(April 30)

-- Fat Sal Busts In --
(March 15)

I's SICK of Carryin' Cali's Ass
(March 2)

Nothin' Sadder than a White Boy Playin' Video Games, Yo
(February 24)

Damn Bitches Got Themselfs in a Broohaha Like a Couple o' BooBoo Heads
(February 2)

Cherokee Dan Lays the Smack Down on the X-Files
(January 27)

Regis Need to Calm Down and NOW 'Fore Fat Sal Makes a Shoe Outta His Ass
(January 20)

Mariah Carey Sucks My Ass and All, Yeah (January 16)

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