Special Olympics Survivor

Episode Two: Enter Corky

Hello. I'm Chris Burke, famous star and hero of the handicap-able. I played Corky in Life Goes On.

Did you vote for Stissy too?

I don't vote. I'm here to moderate the challenges between your tribe and the other one.

Dere is anudder dribe?

Yes. Duh. Geez-Us. I'm here to tell you the challenge you must win or else vote another member of your tribe off.

What da challenge, Corky?

My name is Chris, you...you...Damn. Just follow me.

The Two Tribes Meet...

I goin' kick yous butt, mongo'oid.

Ha! Look at that fat ass! He's goin' dooooooown!

What's going on? Where am I? Where my dog go?

Tribes get ready for the first challenge!

Evil Team plays first!

 My fir't wud is dog.

I pway off da d and dpell dowd.

That's not a word, you nitwit! No wonder people were amazed that I could play the part of a person with Downs' Syndrome.

What are we doing? Why's it so cold?

I tin' I twallow a pietz.

You people are an embarrassment to the handicap-able. One more round. Most points wins.

Ha! Yo, check this. I'm playing off the w in *scoff* 'dawd'. My word is waxing. Double word score, holmes.

Does 'it' score enup?

Later at the Tribal Counsel...

I vote for Corky. Get dat ass out 'a here.

Dat Corky i' a' arragand pwick.

I dote dor Ama'da cud I wanna dit in dher dweeldair.


It Ain't Real Less Someone Gets Hurt