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Oliver Cruz:
"What the fuck I do? Duh?"

Whitey says:
"Yous a fuckin' cold blooded scary killer!"







Brian Roberson:
"You ain't got what you want."

That Bastard Sez:
"Look again, Brian. You's black and about to die. They gots exactly what they want."







Whitey says:
"It be that crackhead again! Someone fry his ass."

That Bastard Sez:
"Shit. Ya ain't never famous enough to not be scarin' 'em, Sammy."







Cary Ann Medlin
"Jesus loves you, 
Jesus loves you."
Said over and over to her rapist just before he murdered her.

That Bastard Sez:

"Sorry, Cary. But Whitey gots ta use ya ta promote da fear and keep dat Death Penalty alive."


Wednesday, August 9, 2000

You Whiteys Is Scared of Everything
(Can't fart in public no more wit'out you tryin' lock sumun' up)

So Texas offed anudder couple of homies, yo. First one was anudder brotha. What's new, yo? Second one was a low IQ scorin' mexican laborer wit' no prior criminal record. Big deal, right? Texas killin' peeps all the time, right?

Sure, sure. An' maybe theys got it comin'. Cause I ain't here ta argue the point of jus' one more sad minority who be pretendin' to be retarded and suddenly scorin' low on IQ tests 'n shit just so's he ain't killed. What I do wants to point out is the fact that all you Whiteys is so scared of every little thing that you feel the need to kill some wack nut as dumb as this chump. Yo, he couldn't even pass the test ta join the military. Now I hang out wit some dummin' peeps who done military time, so this nucker musta been whack stupid. Or mentally retarded, yo, but his pleas for life ain't got da ring of some half wit slobber baby, ya know?

So Whitey, 'specially Texas Whitey, gotta fry this yo-yo even tho it were his first offense. Cause they scared. What scared 'em more was he was partly blaming it on drugs. Lissen', Oli (wherever ya are), dat was a dumb-ass defense. Whitey is scared 'a drugs. Dat's why prisons is poppin' up all over the Goddamn place. Put da fuckin' drug users away for life cause who knows what them wacked out minorities doin' when they doin' drugs.

Course, Whitey is sittin' all up in his mansion snortin' fine shit up his pipe and votin' to waste minorities for doin' da same shit. Mainly cause they can't afford it and end up doin' some dumb ass thing whiles tryin' to get it. And Whitey is scared that dumb ass thing is gonna happen to him. Even though it mostly happens in the same area where the cheap ass drugs are. Rarely do a crackhead end up in Beverly Hills stealing VCRs. But theys gots ta be put away forever anyway. So Whitey can rest easy.

I use the term 'Whitey' cause that what ya all are. Every American that ain't a minority is part of the collected beast called 'Whitey'. And ya all know it, and ya all are scared of us and ya all don't really care when innocent peeps are wasted on Death Row because it's very rarely one 'a you. Here's a quote from what I suspect is Whitey:

"If we execute murderers and there is in fact no deterrent effect, we have killed a bunch of murderers. If we fail to execute murderers, and doing so would in fact have deterred other murders, we have allowed the killing of a bunch of innocent victims. I would much rather risk the former. This, to me, is not a tough call."

-- John McAdams,
Marquette University,
Department of Political Science,
on deterrence

Yeah. Not a tough call for someone raised up outta the low end 'a the economic scale. Notice he conveniently forgot ta mention innocent victims on Death Row. We's gettin' put there all the time, innocent or guilty, jus' cause theys need someone to blame. An' we can't afford to protect ourselves, yo. And don't ya all think I'm being paranoid and shit, cause ya know it's true. Ya all saw the same OJ trial I did. OJ was fuckin' whitey. That's how it works. Whether he did it or not, don't matter. Whether he were framed or not, don't matter. It looked like he did it. Lot of evidence saying' he did it. But he were found innocent. That just don't happen ta your every day brotha and sista. Cause Whitey is scared and he sees us in dat court room and he sees a fuckin' pig sayin' we's guilty and they believe that fuckin' pig every time.

So when I see Whitey puttin' it to a fuckin' retarded Mexican 'stead of maybe tryin' to rehabilitate his dummin' ass, I just see a whole section of shakin', nervous white folks who am votin' for the new prison just outside they town, who am votin' for harsher drug laws to fill them prisons, who am votin' for Three Strikes legislation that puts peeps in prison for the pettiest of crimes so they ain't gots ta worry about they're lawn jockey bein' stolen in da middle of da night by some crackhead. Cause when it be a minority stealin' your stuff, it's scarin' ya and they's should be put away. But a white kid takin' your crap is seen as a failed case of parentin' and the kid is really a good kid underneath.

Ya know what, Whitey? Fuck you.

  -- That Cavortin' Bastard

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