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Actual Quotes I Overheard By Racists. I mean, Whites

Whitey says:
"This native american and now slave thing is leaving 
little ole irish/italian me with no one to sue."

That Bastard sez:
"Well fuck! I guess the white skin advantage they gave you ain't enough."





Whitey says:
"Slavery sucked ass but they are paying 
these people with money that could be going to social security or 
education, and these are not even the people whom the atrocities 
were committed against."

That Bastard sez:
"Nobody seems ta be payin' 'these people' nothin' far as I can see. And I guess ya can't understand how generations are affected by somethin' like this, eh? Even if ya do unnerstan' that 'Slavery sucked ass.'"





Whitey says:
"I mean hell, reparations for the holocaust, fine, 
those people, or their affected children are still alive."

The Bastard sez:
"Well fuck! What am I, dead? I guess ya do unnerstan' the affects on generations. Jus' white generations."






Whitey says:
"I mean, how far can we go back, can I sue Italy because
the Romans invaded Ireland?"

That Bastard sez:
"See? This the way white people think. If we can oppress black people long enough, then we can tell them it's too late to make amends. Fuck. I'ma go hang out wit' some Native Americans."



Sunday, November 5, 2000

America Owes Us.

(Why is askin' for reparations for slavery wrong?)


Now, I coul' really fuckin' not care whether or not reparations are ever paid to us African Americans. It don't fuckin' matter. It's jus' a phrase you can use if ya wanna get a whole buncha in da hood brothas all riled up about gettin' free dough. What gets me, as usual, yo, are the fuckin' white people who wanna attack the very idea. I mean, what's wrong wit' it? All y'all whiteys beat down a whole buncha brothas and left them to mend on the bottom end a' the economic food chain with all sorts of discriminatin' laws that jus' fucked us up for a century. And when things finally clear up enough where we's can actually have a voice to ask for 'em, ya say it's been too long and nobody nowadays is affected by slavery and who would pay and all this other back peddlin' bullshit. But when else shoulda reparations been made? When we were shinin' shoes and saying 'Yes sir' and 'No sir' and sittin' on the backs of fuckin' buses that nobody wanted us on anyway? We woulda been lynched if we made a fuss and no white man was gonna hand out the cash of his own goodwill. So excuse our fuckin' poor as trash black skins for maybe even considering that it might not be such a bad idea.

Reparations ain't gonna solve nothin' on an economic scale. Even if the gover'ment handed every single black person out there a big wad 'a Dead Prezes, all theys gonna do is run out and buy a big screen TV or a sports car or some other goddam' luxury they could never even consider affordin' before. And nex' thing ya know, a crackhead has stole it. So the money ain't gonna matter (e'cept it probly ain't gonna be enough wit' a whole buncha niggers). But it's the doin' of the deed that will clear some 'a the air. At least it'll shut up all this talk about America owing us. Course, then we gots ta listen to whitey cryin' bout his taxes goin' to a bunch a blacks he don't give a fuck about. So, here are a few of MY solutions to reparations.

1. Responsibility Payments

First off, y'all figure out who has someone in their family tree that was in America before the Civil War. No problem. All y'all white people are obsessed wit' this Sistas 'a the Revolution shit, so ya know y'all have been here for-fuckin'-ever. So, ya do all this historical math mumbo jumbo. Your direct great grandparents or some shit were here, you pay a certain amount to some Government Reparation Fund. You got a wiseacre uncle on you grandpappy's side who were here, you pay a lot less but ya still pay somethin. You white and your whole family only been here since post civil war, you don't do shit. Meanwhile, same thing with blacks. You got a last name like Jones or Smith or Mypet or some such arrogant shit, you gettin' money. If ya got a Jamaican or African or Haitian accent still, you probably ain't gettin' any money so shut the hell up and get the fuck outta line.

2. Chain Letter Reparation

This way don't matter who was here when. Every white person in America gets a letter in the mail wit' the name 'a some sista or brotha and a certain denomination. That whitey puts his money order in the return envelope (cause they ain't puttin' in a check wit' their address, yo) and puts it in the mail. They go through some gover'ment middleman afore passin' on to the recipient. Since there is way more whites than blacks, some whiteys be payin' to the same brotha or sista. This way, we jus' sit back and collect our checks as dey come in. And anyone who refuses to pay, no big deal. The gover'ment middle man jus' takes a tally of people refusin' to pay and sends the names off to the Black Panthers and the NAACP (these organizations will send the names on to the groups that really matter). Now we get money AND a list of all the damn racists.

3. Jus' Don' Pay

This is probly da simples' of 'em all. Just don't fuckin' pay it. Gover'ment gots ta come right out 'n say, "We don' give a goddamn shit 'bout what we did to your fuckin' ancestors and the problems we created for their descendants. We don' give a fuckin' care that we jus' freed yer relatives wit' barely shit to live on and then made a whole buncha laws restrictin' how they can live their lives and earn some fuckin' money for their future generations. We ain't doin' shit about it now or ever so fuckin' shut up already." Blacks already know this is the majority position but they might as well make it an official statement and stop pussyfootin' around this shit. Then when we scowl at whitey as he walks by, he'll know why 'cause the gove'ment admitted to bein' as racist as he is.

4. Corporate Takeover of Reparations

Why not make all dem companies responsible? Theys probly the ones still makin' money offa ownin' slaves way back when. Jus' figger out which multi-million dollar companies owe their stash to usin' slaves. I don't know which. Tobacco companies, maybe. Manufacturers of leg irons. Fruit of the Loom. I's sure them lawyers suin' for reparations'll know just the companies to sue. I bet that bastard comic company Harvey be one of 'em. 

None 'a these'll ever happen. But standard policy is gonna be an unspoken #3. So ya got whites upset that it might happen an' theys taxes gonna be wasted on Negroes. And ya got blacks runnin' around screamin', 'Show me the money!' (cause they all obsessed by that stoopid ass movie). I really couldn't care one way or da other e'cept for the fact whitey so smug in his belief that we don't deserve nothin'.

But then, that's nothin' new. Peace.

  -- That Cavortin' Bastard

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