Saturday, September 15th, 2001

Wake Up, America.

(Bout time y'all are gettin' pissed off)

Americans is the most deluded, insulated, egotistical peoples on this Eart'. We think our shit don't stink and God is blessin' our racist asses. We's also naive and innocent and way too trustin'. And our government uses that against us every God-damn motherfuckin' day.

Y'all wanna go to war over World Trade Center thing? What the fuck makes you think we wasn't a'eady at war, yo? Because OUR government hadn't declared it? Well, shit. You don't think other countries got a right to declare war demselves? You think every fuckin' nation is run like America is and is gonna issue some political, formal declaration and warn y'all? Well wake the fuck up.

We knew we been at war with these guys for years, Holmes. Jus' cause we ain't in no special war mindset don't mean they ain't. Jus' cause we happy to shop and work and live our lives igna'nt 'a them, don't mean they don't exist. And it don't mean they ain't gonna do everything in theys power to bring their war to us. And if you think our government is any better than dis Osama bin Laden shit, you fuckin' need to get yo' head outta yo' ass.

Cause if you usin' the screen that any time we killed innocent civilians it was cause 'a war and that made it okay, then you jus' lookin' at the world through your egotistical American eyes. And you also justifyin' this Trade Center shit cause these peoples is at war wit' us whether we gonna accept the gauntlet or not.

You think carpet bombin' Dresden was okay cause it was war? You think A-bombing the fuck outta Hiroshima was okay cause it was a war? You think Operation Desert Storm was jus' fine 'n dandy cause it was a war? Then you's is already acceptin' the fact that some shit a government gets itdelf into makes civilian casualties okay. And your logic is leanin' toward unnerstannin' and condonin' what this fucker did.

Cause he at war wit' us, whether 'he' be a country, a man or a religion. And you read his statements, you gonna see we at war wit' a God.

People think Pearl Harbor was the sneakiest fucked up thing anudder country could do. But Japan was at war and we were included and jus' ignorin' 'em don't make it go away.

Jus' like now. Jus' ignorin' terrorism ain't gonna make it go away.

But retaliatin' by bombin' the fuck outta anudder country jus' cause theys government is housin' some terrorist is terrorism in itdelf. How much fuckin' power do you have wit' our foreign policy, yo? How many times you meet wit' congress to tell 'em you wanna support Israel instead 'a Palestine? None, you say? So them peoples who hate our government's decisions killin' you and your homies is fuckin' wrong, right? Well what the fuck makes you think the citizens under the Taliban have any say in housin' terrorists? 

We is all bein' fuckin' used and abused by our governments and their whims and beliefs. We fuckin' take it in the ass cause everyone in our fuckin' congress believes in an imaginary white man in the sky who gonna back us when we's in trouble. And they's gettin' fucked by the Taliban every motherfuckin' day. You think these people wanna be stuck in a repressive society jus' so theys can get their asses bombed by us one day?

You're a fuckin' idiot if you think killin' their civilians is okay after what we jus' witnessed.

I lost fuckin' homies in that fucked up terrorist shit. I's got crew in New York and we's hurt hard by this. But it's fuckin' time for us and our government to live by our supposed God-damn principles. If we's gonna go to war to hunt out this bin Laden guy, then we better lay off bombin' the shit outta non-military installations and civilian locations.

And if ya think we can't do that cause Vietnam taught us a little somethin' about not knowin' who in-country is a frien' and who is the enemy, then you a racist dirtbag jus' like most Americans I know. I a'eady know what it's like ta be considered the enemy and I gets suspicious looks thrown my way every fuckin' day I live in Oaktown and every fuckin' second I spend in The City (that's Frisco to all ya stupid hicks who'd actually call it Frisco). Since war went to the air and out of country, America has fought as if civilians were no better than the governments needin' to be defeated. But knowin' how my government treats me an' mine like shit, lets my public schools deteriorate, lets police fuck wit' my crew every motherfuckin' day and pisses off the rest of the world until theys think I'm as much of a devil as my government, then I can't help but sympathize with the civilians being fucked in the ass all over every other motherfuckin' country we ever went to war wit'. We been killin' civilians long afore 'Nam, yo. It's jus' that soldiers in 'Nam came home fucked up cause they knew they was killin' enemies as well as friends wit' there own hands to protect theys own life.

If our soldiers is gonna fight, then fight. But don't fuckin' pull none 'a this United States terrorist shit on another motherfuckin' country, yo. Cause our government is da biggest terrorist of all. It thinks it rules da world by puttin' the fear 'a God in every little country that ain't actin' nice 'n white 'n civilized. Maybe we outta clean up our house afore we start criticizin' our neighbors, know 'ut I'm sayin.

If y'all think we's goin' to war, then you's is wrong. We BEEN at war, Holmes. Now maybe we's will all acknowledge it and unnerstand that war ain't cool when it's in your own backyard. It never seemed so bad on the Nightly News when it happenin' over there. So peeps were dyin' and cities gettin' destroyed and shit. America was right and God was wit' it, right? Well, they got Allah on theys side and they also got sometin' else y'all better think carefully on. They's willin' and happy to die for the things they believe. Us Americans jus' wanna be left in our little bubble of middle class comfort. We's raised on individuality and can't unnerstand winnin' anything if that individuality don't exist after mission accomplished. We ain't never had the spine for no Kamikaze shit. But our enemies always have. 

Our boys better be prepared if theys headin' over there. And my hearts wit' 'em, yo. Cause that's the way it's gotta be played. If you think thousands more civilian lives lost is better than one American soldier, than you better be prepared to live in continual fear of your hometown gettin' wiped offa the map cause you is thinkin' jus' like a terrorist. Cause that soldier goin' inta battle knew what he could be gettin' into by joinin' the military but those civilians jus' wanna get on wit' dey's lives.

Jus' like you an' me an' all those people in da Big Apple, yo. We jus' wanted to live our lives. An I empathize wit' eve'yun in New York, yo. But my empathy ain't tuned to jus' people 'a my country. I sympathize wit' all pawns livin' under Governments outta control. Cause we, as American civilians, is reapin' what our Government planted wit' its foreign policy of Western religious people first, Eastern religious people second (wit' the exception 'a Tibet and good ol' pacifist Buddha, yo).

An' dis here is where I usually let out a peace out to all y'all out there but I ain't thinkin' that's gonna be the case. Be safe and take care and don't let racist thought and government propaganda keep you from learnin' the trut' bout the peeps tellin' you theys version of it.

  -- That Cavortin' Bastard

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