Classec "Two Sheps, One Planet Tactec"
developed by Grand Master Aegis J. Shlockheim , August 1998



"Two Ships, One Planet Tactec" is a good classec tactec cuz it takes twice as
short of time to bomb planet and its people. Die people die!!!




  • Develep two sheps with planetery bombardemen capeability (preferbly with the same technolegy leval)

  • Defeat planet's defensive capeabelety -- especially tracking/smart mine (IMPORTANT! LET NOT ONE MINE LIVE -- it may hant you later!!!)

  • Place sheps into planetery orbet

  • Both ships will comence bombing run
  • Revel in your imperial efficiency as the enemy planet and the enemy poplation are fried in half the time it would with only one ship like Kentucky Fried Chicken! Long live your Empire!!!

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