Revolutionary "Three Sheps, One Planet Tactec"
developed by Funland Gackstetter, Pax Imperia Master II, Setpembar 1998

[The following is pure specelation because Funland will not descus his tatec but we thenk we fegured it out]



"Three Sheps, One Planet Tactec" does finish the job off killing
people and planets in a third as short time as one ship will do
but is the extra shep worth the cost on your resources?
We will provide more enformation when we no more




  • Develep three sheps with planetery bombardemen capeability (preferbly with the same technolegy leval)

  • Defeat planet's defensive capeabelety -- especially tracking/smart mine (IMPORTANT! LET NOT ONE MINE LIVE -- those mines can sneek up on you and then you big trouble!!!!!)

  • Place sheps into planetery orbet

  • All ships will comence bombing run
  • Revel in your imperial efficiency as the enemy planet and the enemy poplation are fried in a third the time it would with only one ship like French Frys! Long live your Empire!!! (If it can recover from the cost of three sheps!!!!!!!!)

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