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Had ta fight them ass-white editors ta do this but ya'll know how it is when it comes to crackas -- back down evertime to a brotha! Says I, "Fat Sal don't ever look on the Internet nohow, so no problem, yo?" Sides, I knowed y'all wanna play this game, yeah. -- TCB

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That Bastard Sez:




That Bastard Sez:
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That Bastard Sez:

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

-- Fat Sal Busts In --
(Fat Sal wanted on, so I had him wash that chocolate off his fingers, but who knows what 'Nilla Chocolate has in his digits...)


Sup Jones!

Im Fat Sal and I like my name. Im bigboned and my name is almost Sal! Bastard says we cant use our real names cause then people might cap us so don't think to hard about what my name means.

People think a white guy like me being fat and all shoulndt say anything if they can help it but Im not ashamed or nothing because Im a brotha in my heart!

I growed up in the Ghetto!

It was hard but then people came to accept me for whats inside and for b-ball. Before I was fat I was just really tall so I played center alot in b-ball! I was really good at b-ball too but

then I stopped playig as much and now Im fat now so I can't represent on the court now

"Sup Jones!" is my idea! Bastard says it aint fly but its gonna be the next big thing. Like "like" and other words that are used they ways they arent supossed to be used! So try it out! Hang in the mall with your homeboyees and callout "Sup Jones!" to each other or the girlz because they drool over fresh fly stuff like that

Bastard says I cant be on the puter too long cause the chocalte on my fingers might melt into the keyboard keys and its his new puter!

Thats okay tho cause Im not used to being on a puter anyway what with me growing up in the Ghetto! Us brothers never did see ourselfs an ATARI until our posse was hanging out at the flea market checking stuff out and come across one five years ago.

Now Bastard has hisself a puter and i hear a puters good for naked chicks but Bastard wont let me us it for that cause hes afriad Im gonna melt chocalte on the keybord keys. That's allright though cause I have Skinamax ha ha!

Bastard says Im a samarai with a swift sword with the tv remote and thats true! No one skims through channels faster!

When I was a kid the other kids would be beat me up cause i was a whiteboy. Then I had bad acne. Then I got big. But before I got big I was a good center for b-ball and thats what won me respect from my brothas.

They still talk bout when I was fly they say "Man Fat Sal (not really, they call me Fat somethingelse) nobody dunk that ball when we was 15 like did too bad your fat now cause you might be in the NBA now boy!"

Thats good that they remember!

Now they will remember for more stuff when "Sup Jones!" gets fly in the country saying "Sup Jones!" then you should all remember who said it first! Me Fat Sal!

Sup Jones! Member you herd it hear first!!!

-- Fat Sal


"Sup JONES!"

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