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Welcome to Philly!

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Fucked Up

Just y'all get on and put any city in the field, followed by "police scandal." Not "police racism" or "police bigotry" or anythin' else -- just something you'd all think was softcore. "Scandal."

Here're some y'all get:

East Coast Style
New York PD with their shoot-the-blackie-first officers, who like to stick plungers in any ole black ass, gets rah-rah'd by that racist, Mafioso, white-ass mayor Guiliani. Fuck 'em all.

West Coast
Los Angelino's PD's fucked-up Rampart Division be just the latest, y'all...

Chicago, the leadin' redneck city o' the world, prolly invented Nigga Nockin'.



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Jus' like them ole days!

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Monday, July 17, 2000

Another Brotha Beatdown
(Why You Actin' Like It's Something New, Y'all?)

Goddamn, the media types is all up in arms ova this brotha who got his ass beatdown by the Philly PD. As if y'all were shocked an' surprised, yo.

But I knows that mosta you dumb-ass pale-faced blue-eyed chumps don't even know what I'm rappin' about, so here's yo recap:

[Thomas] Jones, 30 ... was spotted "driving erratically" in the car around 12:40 p.m., police said...

Jones drove onto a sidewalk filled with funeral mourners ... a short time later, Jones crashed into an oncoming vehicle, abandoned the car and led police on a foot chase before a gun battle erupted [police said].

Jones was shot five times, in the abdomen and arm ... [Jones escaped in a police cruiser.] Jones was dragged from the vehicle and immediately kicked and punched repeatedly by at least 10 black and white officers.

Jones was ... charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and theft in connection with several purse snatchings less than two days before the melee ... Despite allegations by police that Jones had fired a weapon, shooting [an officer] in the hand, no firearm has been found.

That fact has fueled skepticism among those people -- black and white -- who believe the videotaped arrest shows that police were unnecessarily brutal toward Jones.

-- Philadelphia Inquirer,
July 17, 2000

As y'all can see, it's just another day in the life of a brotha. And not only does he get hiddelf shot and beaten, yo, he be a marked man -- even though he ain't got him no weapon to show he shot anyone, yeah. Sheeeit, for all we's know, NONE O' THIS HAPPENED.

Welcome to yo Nazi-ass police state.

Mydelf, I don't care to hear no more "The Man Beat the Brotha" stories. It's like Whitey watchin' them "Friends" reruns over and over and over again. Soon, y'all know the stories inside out.

I used to see the same story near everyday, to some degree or 'nother. Sheeeeeeit. Usually, some brotha would just get the stick for nothin' more than givin' some pig the eye -- 'fore the pig puttin' the wood to him gets spooked:

What if I get caught beatin' on this here nigga?There goes my pension! Sheeeooot! How'll I get Billy Bob through tradeschool then?

Then he say:

"Hey nigger, I's sorry I beat your black ass so bad and bloody. Tell ya what, boy -- you run along and keep quiet about this here beatin', an' I won't have to shoot you dead an' call it a 'dangerous situation.' Sound good?"

(Nowadays, though, none them pohlice just go 'round my 'hood twirlin' his night stick by hiddelf. Cuz when my brothas and me come upon some pig beatin' on yo usual suspect and weren't payin' no mind, me an' my chillios, we'd put the shaft on Porky. Once in awhile, I a drag mydelf a piece o' the action into my dark alley, yo, and then y'all know what happened next:

That pig don't come rootin' 'round my 'hood anytime soon, yeah.

Nowadays, not many pigs come 'round here cuz they's asses started gettin' collectively sore, yo.)

Frank Thomas just the latest big time black man who got hiddelf beat, and I'll tell y'all what: Since then, thousands more been treated to a knuckle sandwich featurin' the Other White Meat.

Don't believe me? Best not come 'round here spoutin' that nonsense or at wores I pop a cap in ya, an' at least I'll introduce ya to salad tossin' personally.

Yeah, cracka, it's always 'bout pohlice beatin' down the brotha.

Peace, ya Whitey racists.

-- That Cavortin' Bastard

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