Wonderin' why I soundin' like
a cracked bastard or Sam Jackson?

 Sheeeeeeit, blame it on them cracka editors!

Three freakin' editors, one fuckin' brotha -- what's a nigga to do?

An' worsta all, they's all over the racist nation. So onna them knows an' fears me an' has me talkin' like a street monkey, whiles anotha has me talkin' like Sam Jackson, whiles who knows what the third beer-swillin', chubby-strokin', lazy ass one's gonna eva have me sounded like cuz as fars I know'd, he da one always sayin' shit like, "Yeah, I's gettin' done in a couple days" and it's been three years, yo!

Whatever. I has no patience fo Diablo Blanco.

--That Cavortin' Bastard

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